Vacant House Watch

The Vermilion Police Department offers a free Vacant House Watch to all city residents.

If you are planning on leaving town for a weekend or an extended period of time, the Vacant House Watch is one crime prevention tool that may be useful in protecting your home.

All fields in the form are required in order to process your request. Please be specific when providing information as this will assist our officers when performing checks. If you have any questions, you may call the Vermilion Police Department at (440) 967-6116 or you may come on station to fill out the from in person.

Please make sure to follow some simple Crime Prevention rules while you are away to protect your home and your belongings:

Place lights on timers to give the impression of the house being occupied;

Stop all newspaper and mail delivery during your absence;

Ensure your windows & doors have secure locks and make sure the house is LOCKED prior to leaving town;

Close and secure your garage;

Do not leave your vehicle on city streets during the Winter Snow ban months. Starting December 1st until March 31st from 2:30 am until 6:00 am as it can be cited and towed for violating the city’s ALL NIGHT PARKING DURING WINTER MONTHS. Section 452.14  

Please note: You are need  to contact the Vermilion Police Department immediately upon your return to remove your name from the check list. For those residents who have roommates, the first roommate to return should call.

Thank you for participating in the Vacant House Watch.

Your driver’s license number is used during the online form to verify who you are and your house address.

If the address you would like checked is different than on your driver’s license or you would not like to give out your driver’s license please come to the Police Station to have your home registered.