K9 Unit

Miro is a German Shepherd who was born and raised in Germany. K-9 Miro was then imported to the USA specifically to become the K-9 of the VPD. K-9 Miro’s full name is Miro vom Schaaletal. Officer Holmes and K-9 Miro are certified as a “Duel Purpose K-9 Unit.” K-9 Miro primary role with the VPD is his use in detection of illegal narcotics. K-9 Miro is also used for the tracking of suspects, evidence recovery searches and patrol duties. Patrol duties include the areas of obedience, area and building searches, criminal apprehension and Officer protection. When K-9 Miro is “off-duty” he lives with Officer Holmes and his family at their home. You can follow the adventures of K-9 Miro on Facebook by following the “Vermilion PD K-9 Unit.”